Mother Refuge Wallpaper


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Editions of 25, signed and dated on print. 

Print is printed on Epson Luster photo paper, 260 gsm, 10 mil thickness.  Prints will be protected and shipped in a tube mailer.

Inspired by the waves of boat people from 1978-1982 and my family’s treacherous voyage, my wallpaper Mother Refuge speaks about my mother's miscarriage of my older brother while traveling by foot thru shallow waters along a mountainside of Northern Malaysia.  An estimated 400,000 Vietnamese people escaped between 1978-1981.  It was not uncommon for entire boatloads of escapees to die at sea.  Ten percent to half of all escapees lost their lives to the sea, while one third of all boats were victims of robbery, rape, or murder.  The detailed elements in the wallpaper include a fetus being carried away by a lotus flower, silhouettes of people traveling on a boat, a pirate emblem, and cherry blossoms.  The fetus is white representing the color worn by the Vietnamese people during funerals. Rather than wearing black, white signifies the celebration of life, not death. The lotus flower naturally grows in muddy water and represents a purifying of a spirit, born into and through murkiness.  The lotus is a metaphor for life and death. The pirate emblems are purposely depicted faintly because when we think of pirates, we think of thieves and murderers. The pirates my parents and sister encountered at sea however, saved their lives. The pirate emblems are quietly embedded into the background, like fading images in our memory.




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